Monday, February 13, 2012


Some people say their love with words, some show with action, others prove with both, but most hide their true feelings. However, you cannot and should not expect your partner to just understand and accept they way you love them. Give them some signs of the fact that you do love them because in their eyes and heart it might not look or feel that way at all. Saying you love someone is meaningless if you cannot show it. It is not enough to just say it. It is easy to say things. Consider showing your love for your partner the way they would want you to even if it is just once in a while. They can be very surprised, pleased, and happy to know that you care about them enough to do it. You should also know that it is going to take time for your partner to see your love for them. They may not realize right away that it is how you evince your love, it is concealed behind your lack of availability, or because they are preoccupied with other things. And the problem with hiding your feelings and not showing them every now and then is that maybe they are not so much hidden as gone. In the end, what matters is not how you display it but the fact that you do show it. 
You need to love in a way that feels right and comfortable for you. You need not love someone like the way it is in stories, fairy tales, television, or movies because those are fantasies and you live in real world where not everything is romantic, cute, sweet, perfect, happy, and beautiful. You should not blame or hate yourself if you cannot love someone in a gentle, warm, direct manner. 

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