Thursday, February 16, 2012


Life is but once and life is too short. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Live today as if it is your last day because it could prove to be just that. You never know. Do something that you want and have never tried before. Maybe you were afraid or you thought there was going to be ample time. You may have been led to believe that you will die when you are old. You ignore the fact that people die so young and unexpectedly because you simply do not want to believe that you could or are going to die today or in the foreseeable future. But that is what people who just discovered they have terminal diseases and were about to die had always thought. Life can change drastically in a matter of seconds. You do not want to get to the point where there are many things you want to do but you only have so little time at your disposal. You would not be able to choose which one you want to do first because they all are just very important and you are too distressed by the impending doom. You want to live only when it is all you can do. Eat and drink things that you can actually relish, buy something that you have always craved, or go someplace you have never been. What is the point of living longer if you are miserable?
Letting go of the past and stop worrying about what will or will not happen are necessary too for you to be able to live in the moment. You can never change what happened but you can learn from it so you do not make the same mistakes and you can teach yourself to be more careful, smart, and wise. There are opportunities in the present that will never come back while you are busy being stuck in the past. If something that you are afraid of does not happen then you will have wasted useful time for nothing. If it has to happen and there is not a thing you can do to prevent that, then why bother? Bad, awful things will always happen to you no matter what you do. That is life. The best you can do is enjoy it while you can because there is no telling when and how the unpleasantness will arrive. The thing about planning your life is that you rarely take into account the things that you cannot control and predict and how it is going to impact your scheme. That is why not one person’s life ever turned out exactly the way they had mapped it out. Why wait for a completion of a plan, for something that may or may not happen, to be happy? Of course, that is not to say that you should just have fun nonstop because what you do today does affect your future. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not do anything stupid like not studying, practicing, or working. What good is today’s pleasures if it means tomorrow’s troubles and regrets? 

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